Is sauna good for your skin?

My local gym where I live has a sauna and the last few month every time I was in the gym I was in sauna. I find this relaxing and it has been beneficial for my skin as well. But lastly, I figured that my upper thighs shows many small spider veins.Is sauna good for your skin?


Saunas provide a natural deep cleansing of the body from impurities and toxins.
Sauna helps relax and de-stress you. Stress is the ultimate enemy of health and skin. Taking 15–20 minutes in a hot sauna can help relax your mind and body.

But also Saunas can over-dry your skin. Heat dries out skin, and the body’s natural reaction to dry skin is to create more oil to balance moisture levels. This could lead to an increase in breakouts and dry skin patches.
Saunas increase circulation the pulse rates jump by 30% or more. The blood flow is directed to the skin. That may cause of spider veins. They’re not just a cosmetic problem.

The best way is start to treat spider veins from the first few hours they come up.
To improve appearance of my thighs I consider few options:
I exercise regularly to improve my leg strength, circulation, and vein strength. I am making focus on exercises that work my legs, such as walking or running.

I started eat pineapple on my daily base. Fresh pineapple contains enzyme Bromelain, that specific substance has anti-inflammatory aspect for broken capillaries and helps strengthens the wall of the vein.



I find Arnica Tablets as really helpful supplement. Arnica was taken only on the first day of injury – first 6 hours. This natural remedies help treat and reduce the symptoms of bruises.
As a skin Threrapist I found Dermalogica Pure Light Spf 50 the best product to lighten up dameged skin. This shield treats hyperpigmentation , brown spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone. The cream was applied 2 time a day on particular areas.



This very intensive program took place in the last 7 days. Unfortunately, once broken blood vessels appear, it may be very difficult to get rid of them. While it is not possible to completely avoid broken blood vessels I will do everything to minimize the risk.
Anyway I am very delighted with the results on that stage. See the pictures:


I love sauna and I really feel that it has helped me overall. But I need to consider to stop treating myself that way and make more focus on my exercises. However, it is not for everyone. Do your own research and find out what is your sauna benefit.


Step forward


Next week my “Mission” in Natural Beauty is to increase the importance of healthy feet – Reflexology, elevate the Pedicure Treatment benefit and encourage my clients for trying Hot Stone Massage.
Holidays in full charge. For many of us this is the last moment to consider what kind of session is most suitable for you.
Everyone want to look their very best so overall appearance and fresh pedicure is in necessary.

Reflexology – feet massage claimed that applying pressure has an anesthetic effect on other areas of the body, improvement in energy flow and overall health condition.
Reflexology can help gain a healthy and glowing skin. Beside regular  facials and skin treatments to maintain a healthy skin you can book Reflexology treatment.

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Hot Stone Massage extremely beneficial and highly recommended to people leading busy lifestyles. Using my own unique technique with the pressure points, most relaxing massage therapy for realise the tensions around body.


Ready for it? Try something new – a new tradition that will keep going for generations! And remember create some space during the holidays for you to recharge your own batteries!


Neuroblastoma Trust – Mission

 According to the tradition we will organized Skin Event in @Natural Beauty with @Unas Hair Salon.
Next Sunday 25 th of June between 2.30pm – 6pm you can join as in Skin Event.
Event for your chance to find out how make your skin the healthiest. During this time I will provide skin analysis and recommend the best skin care for individual skin needs ‪#‎Dermalogica‬ products.
Also according to our tradition all proceeds from Skin Events will be forwarded this time to my donations for Neuroblastoma Trust – Mission.
Neuroblastoma Trust Campaign helps in legacy of pioneering treatments for potential cures for Neuroblastoma and will work with the Children’s Medical & Research Foundation (CMRF) and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) to raise significant ongoing funds to assist with continued research into these new and pioneering treatments.
My goal is to inspire my friends, my clients to help me raise money in this purpose. We can make a huge difference in the lives of children in need.
We can make children happy so that they can forget their sadness, worry and fears during their sickness.
I am helping to make even a small difference, together we can move the mountains – this is really important.
Even when you not donating please take a moment and find out about Campaign like Save the Children in general, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.
Thank you
Mariola Kunka


Aesthetic medicine is the goal of maintaining a natural and healthy appearance.

Aesthetic Medicine is a developing clinical subspecialty and field in scientific research aimed at the use of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to enhance patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance. This subspecialty is no longer limited to the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology, as many specialties are offering aesthetic medical procedures in order to better accommodate their patients’ aesthetic needs. A growing trend with aesthetic treatments is a part of a normal health routine with the goal of maintaining a natural and healthy appearance.

  1. There were nearly 10 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2009. Nonsurgical procedures represented 83% of the total
  2. Since 1997, there has been an increase in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures of 147%
  3. The top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in 2008 were:
  4. Botulinum Toxin A Injections

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Laser Hair Removal


Chemical Peels

  1. Core physicians (plastic surgery, dermatology) account for 60.1% of the aesthetic procedures performed in 2006; whereas non-core physicians (family practice, internal medicine, etc.) accounted for 33.3%. Through 2011, noncore physicians will gain 35.2% compound annual growth in aesthetic procedure volume.                                                                                                                                                                  The source:  Statistics courtesy of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2010 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank and Medical Insight Inc. Primary Care and Medispa Expand Aesthetic Market Report.


The exciting field of Aesthetic Medicine is a new trend in modern medicine. Patients not only want to be in good health, they also minimize the effects of normal aging.

The real benefit of practicing Aesthetic Medicine is the type of care that practitioners are offering to their patients. These procedures are performed on patients who do not suffer from illness. They are usually happy and in excellent health. They simply want a minimally invasive preventative procedure to help manage the normal effects of aging – Treatments directed at nonmedical purpose.



A legally regulated cosmetic and aesthetic services are performed by Mariola Kunka qualified skin expert to carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments – Natural Beauty Owner/Founder.

Mariola Kunka offers a full range of anti-aging treatments including Dermal Fillers, Lips augmentation, Dermalroller, Facials, Skin Peels.

For more information please email: or call 00353862185981


A magical effect of ultrasonic vibration on skin beauty

The ultrasonic facial is considered as a safe, easy and gentle skin rejuvenation treatment. Although ultrasonic treatment has been shown an immediate and hydrating effect on skin.

During 1 hour our  ultrasonic facial, level of sound wave technology – frequency 3 MHZ(million times/second) is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin.


It is a magical effect of ultrasonic vibration on skin beauty. It helps:
– smooth the wrinkles and restore skin elasticity
– decomposition of pigment, reduce dark spots
– rapid discharge of acne
– promote blood circulation increase lymphatic drainage effect
– stimulate skin cell regeneration.

However  when you consider the ultrasonic skin treatment ,the following precautions should be taken:

-Do not use on open sores, wounds or infected areas

-Do not use if pregnant, have a pacemaker, heart disease history , thyroid problems or other medical condition.


When ultrasound enters the body it reacts in many  ways. And above all increases oxygen to the cells and aids in the removal of waste products. This antibacterial cleansing action also helps prevent the onset of acne and blemishes.

The ultrasonic skin treatment will give you good result and is highly recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Is Air-Conditioning good for Your Skin?


Do you work in place an air-conditioned? You’re probably notice how dry is your skin. It’s important to take action.
Air-conditioning is one of the worst environment for drying the skin out, and if your whole day is spent  at the office, in the car and at home  your skin will definitely show it.
Personally, I am not an advocate of it, however there are situations where I was “forced” to use it. In general the air condition is not good for our skin. Most harmful impact is incompetent uses it.
It is not enough to install air conditioning but should also be cleaned periodically preparations antifungal and replace filters as recommended. Safe for health should be cleaned once every 2 weeks and filters periodically exchanged .The moist environment inside the air conditioner is the perfect place for their further development for fungal environment.
To prevent dry skin:
  1. Don’t sleep with the air-condition on, your skin needs to breathe and rejuvenate. Try switching on the air-con 20 minutes before bedtime, then switching it off when you go to sleep. Up your exercise.
  2. Take regular breaks to stretch, have a quick walk around that will increasing your circulation improves the skin’s appearance as well as boosting detoxification and cell renewal.
  3. Drink (6 glasses) still water throughout the day and add some lemon juice to rehydrate your system.
  4. Limit your caffeine intake to two cups of coffee or tea a day.
  5. Don`t use soap  it’s incredibly drying your skin.
  6. Don’t take hot showers longer as 10 min.
  7. Always use hand moisturiser, lip balm and a moisturising facial toner in a spray bottle in your bag so you can hydrate your face and hands during the day.
  8. Place leafy plants around — they improve air by reducing CO2 and increasing oxygen in the air.
In addition, make sure that your diet is contains nuts, fish and vegetables. In this way, you provide your body with zinc, selenium, vitamin C and E to help fight free radicals.
You can also invest in a humidifier in your home or work. Whenever you have the opportunity, open a window. All the studies show that air recirculation is the worst thing for our health and beauty.


Natural Beauty is relaunched

Today  we gave a warm welcome to guests, clients and local residents. Natural Beauty is  relaunched. Located at 2a St. Galls Gardens South, Milltown, Dublin 14 Ireland.

New business offers extensive range of beauty and body treatments with the best care of our clients. We would welcome the opportunity to get your trust and deliver you the best service of healthy skin and beauty.

Today also we saying “It was fantastic to welcome  familiar faces, local businesses and new friends in the area. We aim to bring the best beauty care and hairdressing experience to the Milltown”.