Summer pigmentation on the skin


a272b3b66fd32b64934277d2e5813aa6Summer, holidays and sunshine are associated with the risk of pigmentation on the skin. My appeared in June after a week’s vacation in France. Although there were already visible before. This skin condition is often caused by hormonal problems and of course after sun exposure. Even the occasional creams with high filters is not enough.
To improve my skin on the forehead I started treat myself 2 weeks ago. After 2 sessions of 20% #glycolic acid peel, one session of #microneedling with 2.5% #HyaluronicAcid and one session of #OxygenFacial the results are really visible. This treatment is supported by the daily #skincare: Bionic Cleanser # Exuviance, Bionic Serum #NeoStrata and daily # SPF50.
In general, pigmentation on the skin is very difficult to remove. Cosmetic procedure is highly recommend such as deep chemical peels or active regenerating masks.
Remember not to use alcohol based cosmetics, they are the most common cause of discoloration.


Natural Beauty recommend free consultation before any sessions. Contact Tue-Sat 10-6pm +353862185981


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