Light Heat Energy Radiancy. How it works.

Light Heat Energy (LHE) treatment is an innovative and adaptable technology which optimizes pulse duration and effectively combines the healing power of Light and Heat.

LHE technology efficiently shifts the Light/Heat balance to suit the application. switching from the directed Heat effective for hair removal to the soothing green and red light essential for acne clearance to the even balance of Light and Heat necessary for skin rejuvenation. You usually need 5-8 treatments to see major results, and then maintenance treatments after that. You will notice that acne start to clear up, wrinkles flatten and the texture of the skin will improve.

LHE Treatment offers the long-lasting results you can expect from a leading high-tech hair removal device. To achieve optimal results, several treatments are generally needed, with the exact number treatments varying from patient to patient.


Natural Beauty offers LHE Treatment for:

1.facial rejuvenation

2.acne treatment removal

4.psoriasis treatment

LHE Treatment is very gentle, painless, safe and usually does not have any side effects. We recommened complimentary consultation before session. For more information call +353862185981


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