Step forward


Next week my “Mission” in Natural Beauty is to increase the importance of healthy feet – Reflexology, elevate the Pedicure Treatment benefit and encourage my clients for trying Hot Stone Massage.
Holidays in full charge. For many of us this is the last moment to consider what kind of session is most suitable for you.
Everyone want to look their very best so overall appearance and fresh pedicure is in necessary.

Reflexology – feet massage claimed that applying pressure has an anesthetic effect on other areas of the body, improvement in energy flow and overall health condition.
Reflexology can help gain a healthy and glowing skin. Beside regular  facials and skin treatments to maintain a healthy skin you can book Reflexology treatment.

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Hot Stone Massage extremely beneficial and highly recommended to people leading busy lifestyles. Using my own unique technique with the pressure points, most relaxing massage therapy for realise the tensions around body.


Ready for it? Try something new – a new tradition that will keep going for generations! And remember create some space during the holidays for you to recharge your own batteries!



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