Dermal fillers -hyaluronic acid


Skin shows the fastest reflects of the aging process.  This process accelerates the solar radiation, sunbeds (photoaeging), bad diet and busy lifestyle. They cause damage to the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, uneven skin keratosis (by stimulating skin cells to proliferate) and the formation of spots, blemishes.

Depending on the type of severity change on  overall skin condition and age of the patient, we propose to apply the most appropriate treatment method, such as dermal fillers -hyaluronic acid.  This method brings immediate results. This is efficient way in the revitalization, rejuvenation and skin lifting.

We perform treatments with Biohyalux products. Biohyalux this is soft product which is crosslinked sodium hyalunate. Hyaluronic acid helps enlarged and shaping facial tissue, closely connects to the soft tissue and helps keep water in the skin. Skin steys hydrated. Because it is a crosslinked product effect is maintained even over a year.

IMG_20160211_195951-horz (2)

Before treatment a local aneasthetic is needed.

Dermal fillers is used for many years by the aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. It is regarded as an excellent treatment, able to deal with the problem of aging and actively supports getting your dreaming effects.

Enjoy the consultation and promotional treatments.





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