A new hair cut or skin treatment?

January is this month were we all look tired and powerless. This is the effect after active time during Christmas and New Year Eve. There is many ways to help you come back again on your stage. The question is: a New hair style or SKIN HEALTH? What is going first?

Before I start work for in the beauty industry, I started to do the market analysis. My marked analysis was estimated on my own observation and research from talking with potential clients, retailers and cosmetic distributors. I made Beauty Treatments Questionnarie Market Reaserch Survey. I have asked 50 person main questions about beauty treatments:

1.How often do you have the following tretaments/service?

Hair cut                                       answer every   2 months

Hair color                                     anser –II-      3-4 months

Manicure                                                           3-4 months

Pedicure                                                            3-4 month

Facial                                                      every     4 months

Eyebrow Shape na tint                              every 6-8 weeks

Waxing hair removal                                every   3-4 months

Massage                                                  every     4 months

  1. How often would you like to (in ideal world) have the following tretaments/service?

Hair cut                                       answer every      6 weeks

Hair color                                     answer –II-        2 months

Manicure                                                           4-6    weeks

Pedicure                                                            4-6    weeks

Facial                                                      every     6    weeks

Eyebrow Shape na tint                              every 2-4  weeks

Waxing hair removal                                every   4-6  weeks

Massage                                                  every   4-6  weeks

  1. On average, how many different salons do you visit per year?

Tape of salons:

Hair cut/colour                answer    nr of different salons visit 1only

Beauty/nails treatments                                                          1only

  1. Have you ever moved from the one salon to the another one?

Main answer         – no

  1. What would make you switch salon from one to another?

Main answers:

Price rise                                                     in 50%

Cheaper service for less elsewhere             in 50%

Change of workplace location                      in 70%

Change of home location                             in 70%

Regular therapist leaving                                80%

Loyalty in incentive for competitor salon         80%

Nothing would make me switch salons            10%

What would you prefer haircut or beauty treatment?

Important to remember your skin is the part of your body that “sticks” with you no matter which new style is in vogue trend. As we getting older we spending less on our skin care. That attitude might be trigger to speed up the aging process. There are simple steps we can all follow to keep our skin healthy and always looking good. Get in touch with professional beauty therapist every 10-12 weeks to get skin analysis and new advice.

Study is the basics, make your own practice and then break the rules from time to time. Don’t take it all too seriously. Have a fun and treat yourself more often.


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