Wintry dehydrated skin

Characteristic of winter, especially in feeling or looking very cold and bleak – “a wintry skin”. Many ways to describe our skin appearance during winter season. Especially after holidays time. This is a perfect time to build up new great and fresh looking.

Step first:

Look at your diet and consider how it might be affecting your skin. If it’s high in caffeine, sugar, and alcohol can play a huge role in what’s going on with your skin.

Create resistance!  To fight dry skin in the winter  search  for foods or supplements such as  walnuts, salmon, sardines, flax seeds, and evening primrose oil all nourish skin from within.

Step two: – important: cleansing!

The best cleanser for the winter time need contains natural oils  includes hydrating ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid  also stocked with antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E).

Step three:

Because of the cold temperature outside we need eliminate deep exfoliation around skin. Instead that try to use Lactic and Hydroxy Acid as gently stimulation of cell renewal and detach dead skin cells to improve skin texture.

Step four:

Spray toners are usually the easiest and most effective way to adds essential moisture to the skin and helps your other products to absorb ingredients. Toner helps to boost the moisture content of the skin and reducing dehydration. To balance out, refresh and calm any red, dry patches you can add plant botanicals such as Lavandula, Sandalwood Extract.

Don`t try to spritz fine water around your skin. It is not sufficient to hydrate it. Water it doesn’t contain moisture binding humectants. Might cause dehydration.

Step five: – increase power of moisturizer and decrease the amount.

To encourage stimulation and revitalize your skin make sure your cream contains antioxidants and natural mineral sunscreens. That will provides optimal hydration and helps protect your skin.


Winter time is the most beautiful season. You can still love your winter skin!

If you have snow where you live – try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. It`s Fun


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