Discover NATURAL BEAUTY Oxygen Skin System

How it works?

Oxygen Skin System ensure visible results on specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne rosacea, dull and premature skin.
Oxygen is the basis for our health key. More oxygen we breathe more energy we make for the life. This therapy is a combination of extraordinary effectiveness and the safety. Factor that is used in the procedure of treatment is Saline – sterile solution of sodium chloride in water (0.9%) at a concentration identical to the concentration of fluids in the human body. It is a neutral substance for the body and does not cause irritation or side effects. The treatment gives the effects of moisture, soften and smooth, and the skin becomes velvety to the touch.


Pollution and dirt from the environment stop ability to absorb oxygen, while stress and bad diet increase body oxygen needs. More oxygen encourage tiredness and premature ageing.
The surface of the epidermis (0,25-0,40 mm) is supplied by direct oxygen. Spraying oxygen on the skin helps to prevent ageing from outside.
Oxygen pressure increases skin moisturizing, enhances brightening effect, soft the skin and helps absorb the nourishment.

Immediately – purifiers, moisturizes to maintain skin clarity, lifts and improve the skin texture.
Days after – minimize pores, improve skin tone and shows brightening effect, balances moisture level.
Continued use – stimulates collagen and cells regeneration, enhance the skin to natural ability to retain water, prevention from premature skin.

This treatment is performed by no direct contact of the device with the skin. Thanks to this procedure is 100% hygienic and safe.


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