This month Natural Beauty celebrates its 1st year anniversary. We growing through experience and spent every moment our work to improving profession.
To celebrate our progress – silently efforts we encourage anyone with an interest in beauty to get chance to try our treatments. We working tirelessly to help make the beauty more safer and effective.
You can learn more about our practice in ethical caring and fantastic atmosphere – here in Natural Beauty.

To empower our treatments we use electrical machines. This modern technique helps take skin appearance higher. The use of high frequency and microcurrents generates potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

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You can put your biggest skin concern into our skin therapist. You will get a real answers to your questions and home care prescription. No appointment necessary, you can walk in or give as a call to make an appointment.

Take advantage of our special offers!


Thank you so much to all of you who attended in Natural Beauty Treatments in last few weeks. It was great to meet so many new faces. There will be more information about set up my practice, especially before holidays.

Always happy to support you



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