Are you diabetes? Take good care of your skin.

Diabetes can affect every part of the body system including skin. Most of the signs might be seen around face area. Many people treat different skin condition in different ways, but diabetes people can be less skin diseases-resistant. Diabetes can cause of infection more easily, include bacterial infections, fungal infections and sensitivity.
Very common of infection with diabetes:
Folliculitis – infection of the hair follicles
Infections around nails
Boils – deep infection of the hair follicle
Styes – infection of the gland of the eyelid ( be careful during any eye treatment).
To reduce and prevent more infection we can advise some changes in practicing skin care regimen. Also some of the skin treatments can be helpful the skin looking better.

My diabetes client appeared in my Natural Beauty Salon many months ago. Her skin was sore with many red inflamed red patches. She is also constantly seeing a doctor. As a skin therapist I could give her the best skin care advice for this special skin condition. Here is a result for today. Skin improved, is more clean, dry with less scars.

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In general common diabetes skin condition might show also allergic reaction cause medication, pills or insulin. The only one treatment first is control blood level and see your doctor to help clear up this problem.

Globally as of 2013 Stats, an estimated 382 million people have diabetes. This is equal 8.3% of the population with equal rates in both women and man. Every third of people with diabetes will have a skin condition related to their disease.  We need remember that most skin conditions can be prevented and successfully treated if start early.


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