Safety in beauty

Everyday I try to educate my clients on how to improve their skin health, including how to choose their right product and suitable treatment. As we all know only work of the consequences can be great result.
We deal with such problems daily and there is a very big need understanding of safety procedures. It is very Important to give the people factors to consider. In the long term this will go to prevent problems and help make the whole process more safe.

I spent many years to educate myself. As I wrote in one my blogs “The best – known interpersonal theories is that all my life I have been speaking about without knowing it”. I agree with legal designing and producing safe, healthy and effective beauty.
In general it is important providing information on ways to manage the most common hazards will help to effectively manage health and safety . Key points for ‘safety- friendly’ may include phrases like:

1. Sustainable product
2. Non-toxic ingredients
3. Safety tools
4. Chemical free

We need the voice of individuals, companies and others already dealing with the harmful effects — and those who are already taking action to address both challenges and opportunities.
A fantastic idea is to support The Safety in Beauty Campaign – “helping people look and feel better about themselves”.
The intention of the Campaign is to raise awareness of unsafe practices in the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry to inform and empower the general public, the Campaign will also collecting examples of malpractice or unsafety with a view to presenting to Government to hopefully add pressure to tighten regulations.



How we can help?

1. Help, educate and empower our clients
2. Facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry
3. Offer much-needed support
4. Give peace of mind to everyone seeking to improve their looks

It is great to help and build relation to develop information between experts and clients.
Hope such a blog will help listeners ‘connect the dots’ between individual person and public.
Working together, we can improve healthy and effective beauty. We can give our clients better and safer choices. We’re excited about this new initiative and hope you like it.



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