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The global economy shows that beauty market and skin care is a significant growth. Rising clients every year. The format works because there is many more access to treatments, products and business strategies.
Beauty Market is an extraordinary, fascinating area of global consumption which in the last two decades has been witness to dramatic changes, reflecting the various economic, social and cultural transformations taking place at different parts of the modern world.
The Beauty Market is usually divided into five main business segments: skincare, haircare, colour (makeup), fragrances and toiletries. These segments are complementary and through their diversity they are able to satisfy all consumers needs and expectations with regard to cosmetics.

Beauty Trends

Product Category Data 1998 -2010

Skincare 16.4% – 23.0%
Haircare 20.8% – 17.3%
Colour 13.5% – 12.3%
Fragrances 12.9% – 10.4%
Toileteries 31.2% – 30.6%
Others 5.2% – 6.4%

Source: Dutton 1999, Barbalova 2011, Global beauty industry trends in the 21st century, Euromonitor International

In the last 20 years Beauty Market has grown by sales of cosmetics and beauty treatments steadily, reaching the level of 4.4% in 2009 and 4.5% in 2010. In the Irish economy, beauty and personal care continued to experience value growth – check data 2012:

Beauty and personal care in Irealand

Source: Beauty and Personal Care in Ireland, Euromonitor International

Data 2014 shows that people treat their beauty ritual as an escape from the age information, whether it is a few minutes spoiling oneself with a high-end product or a full day at a luxury spa as the global economy improved.
Throughout 2010 skincare was the most significant segment, with its 23% of beauty treatments. The global skincare market( statistic data see above) is divided into facial care (2/3 of the total sales), hand and body care and sun care. The success of this segment is a prerequisite for the prosperity of the whole beauty industry. Modern pattern is provide separate place or other consultation area where client can try products before buying them so industry use tester unit. Easy to introduction a client with new products.
Skincare is the segment with the biggest growth potential. It will remain the flagship segment on the market over the next few years. The deciding factor for market success will be mass cosmetics sales as growing awareness of good prestige cosmetics. As the industry continues to grow the opportunities will abound. So question: Which product or beauty treatment is the right one for you?
Stay educate yourself about base most popular cosmetic ingredients, know what ingredients to avoid, always read product label and don`t be afraid ask professional therapist about advice. That is the best way to get right recommendation for your individual beauty needs.



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